Frequently Asked Questions

Lion Max contents

Fruit flavor with a hint of cinnamon.

The 2 power fruits in Lion Max grow deep in the Amazon region of South America. Both fruits are packed with the right ingredients/vitamins to keep your body and mind focused and healthy (see why LionMax).

There is one flavour that tastes like the Lion Max fruits. Like a banana tastes like a banana.

Lion Max is made for everyone who wants the best for his or her body. Using Lion Max is like investing in your mind and body. Unlike diets, this investment will likely pay out within 30 minutes! Lion Max is not recommended for children (18+), pregnant or lactating women.

Yes! As a result, you do not get a crash or “the well-known dip” that you get after consuming too many energy drinks or eating a whole lot of sugar.

You know it! LionMax is 100% Gluten Free.

Lion Max Usage

Lion Max is created for a daily achiever whose busy schedule requires energy boosts throughout the day. Lion Max moments may include: 6am Morning Hustle, 2pm Post-Lunch, 4pm Afternoon Meeting, 6pm Post Workout.

1 x daily shot of 20ML/40ML. Then drink a glass of water or take it with you during sports and in a bottle. It depends on your energy needs. If you have an average BMI, then 20ML once a day is fine. If you need more energy, feel free to take an extra shot.

25 shots of 20ML for users with a normal BMI.

Lion Max Shipping

Lion Max is shipping to the whole of Europe.

Yes, when ordering multiple purchases.

Yes, when you order 2 bottles of 500ML you get an extra free sample.

Within The Netherlands, ordered before 17:00 hours is delivered the next day.