Partner program

LionMAX has set up a partner program for a select number of companies. Given the unique character of LionMAX, many buyers appreciate personal advice. That is why we cannot accept every company as a partner.
We distinguish between Affilate partners and Wholesale partners.

Affiliate Partners

An affiliate offers LionMAX through discount coupon links on the internet. Affiliates can post the link on their website, blog, videos, Instagram or other social media. An affiliate can also include a coupon link in an email or newsletter. The products are shipped via LionMAX. There is an interesting fee per product sold.

Examples of affiliates: Influencers, blogs of athletes, training videos, nutrition websites, lifestyle coaches, etc.

Affiliate calculator

Wholesale Partners

A wholesale partner sells LionMax through its own shop. This can be a webshop or a physical location. The wholesale partner buys the products by logging into the LionMAX webshop. He or she will receive a wholesale from us for the right prices.

Examples of wholesale partners: Fitness clubs, gyms, superfood shops, sports shops, food webshops, sports webshops, personal and private coaches, etc.

Wholesale calculator

Want to know more?

Please contact us if you would like to join the LionMAX partner program.

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